baby Konila,
I miss you too~~yes, the life was a little busy, I am in Fiji now, I follow church and help student to know God and have some class for them, so I dont have many times to use computer, also here are little poor, but I was enjoy everyday in here!

I give thanks to Lord that you find a doctor and to face your problem, you must be strong, something we are difficult to control what the problems coming fast, but may Lord bless you with a love in your life, I had pray for you, my dear, truly, I really care you and you always in my heart, however, I hope you can enjoy the life and find your dream.

dont worry too much, be happy!
Hope you all the best,
(sorry, this computer only can type english)

Love you,

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  •   我竟然多少看得懂耶,好神奇。
  • 我也覺得可以寫信讓人看懂就好...為什麼要學一些艱難的句子和文法...害我的英文都學的零零落落...!!

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